Why Australia?

What makes Australia unique is that you will get to experience a bit of every other culture by meeting people from countries that you might not even know that existed and of course by trying some of their food.

Australia is also very unique in the sense that you could do snowboarding in top quality snow resorts or sandboarding in the dunes from the dessert.

You could ride camels on the dessert and you can also get to see unique fauna and flora that is native to Australia, like the Kangaroos and Koalas!

Over the year, you will have spent a lot of time in your local area, so now that you have some free time why not explore the rest of Australia? From the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru to the Sydney Harbor Bridge, there are countless destinations to choose that will allow you to make the most of your time in Australia, while also giving you the opportunity to see another part of this large and unique country.

Australia’s biggest Cities





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