Leadership and Management

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These courses are designated to get you ready to become a team leader and to reach higher levels of management within your organization.

»Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
This Certificate will provide basic but high level and focused skills such as marketing, innovation, team leadership and development to help them achieve success in a leadership position.
»Certificate IV in Project Management
This Certificate will give the students enough skills to manage a range of projects across a range of industries, all taught using real-world case studies and projects. Learn the processes behind developing efficient and systematic ways to delivering projects on time and on budget.
»Diploma of Leadership and Management
This Diploma course will take you to a higher and new level in developing advanced aspects of leadership and management – including how to plan, organise, implement and monitor the success of teams within an organisation.
»Diploma of Project Management
This course will enable you to lead projects by learning how to use the right tools, and follow the right protocols. It will open the doors for higher positions within the companies. It includes all aspects of a project from budget setting and tracking progress to managing development, controlling communication and managing human resources

»Advanced Diploma of Project Management
This diploma is to prepare students for large scale projects made up of several projects that are dependent on each other. Outlining objectives, planning execution, managing operations, and reporting on status are just a few of the functions involved in carrying out a successful program. Gain the knowledge and the skills to delegate projects appropriately and deliver programs that impact business growth.

»Advanced Diploma of Program management
This program was designed for international students who require skills and knowledge in managing projects as program managers and wish to gain employment in organisations that require management of various interrelated projects.Students will learn to use initiative and judgement to direct, plan, and lead a range of program functions, with accountability for personal and team outcomes within broad parameters; and use cognitive and communication skills to identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources; transfer knowledge to others; use creative or conceptual skills to express ideas and perspectives; and respond to complex problems.

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